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All-Inclusive Services

Imagine after a day full of new pictures and feelings, finding yourself on your private powerboat, relaxing on your comfortable towel, holding a cold beverage in hand, while the boat is moving slightly with the rhythm of the music, completing the enchanting atmosphere. The supply of food for immediate consumption that will be at your disposal, will give you the chance to taste authentic Greek food. Wait till we ride out to the next destination and feel the speed if you’re an adrenaline junkie. You may even post live on social media if you can’t wait to tell your pals about your day. The drone and action camera footage of your day that we’ll give you when you get home will leave you wanting more.


Privacy & Hospitality

Filoxenia is a term that comes from ancient Greece, when God Zeus, who is considered to be the protector of Hospitality, incorporated in the virtues of the ancient society, the religious obligation of hosting guests and strangers with great respect and honor. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel at ease of the Greek hospitality and enjoy the tour with us with exclusivity. We greet you onboard with a welcome kit and fresh towels upon check-in. Moreover we provide you with windproof coats if you feel cold from the summer breeze. Our experienced staff will share with you all of the insights and favorite haunts and you’ll discover all the hidden gems of the Aegean Sea.

For family activities, our boat cruises are the best and safest option. We cater to children needs with specific hosting services, including child life vests, child-friendly marine toys, and food choices made with care for children. At an additional expense, a hostess can be assigned to assist with the children. Inquire today and plan your next holiday with us, making it an unforgettable family experience.


Thinking about going Viral?

We guarantee you’ll be so taken aback by the surroundings that you’ll wish you had an extra pair of hands to capture every moment of your trip! Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered. We fly our drone to the most incredible locations and record your most unforgettable moments. In addition, you’ll always have an action camera with you to snap underwater images of the caves you’ll visit. You will receive all footage from the trip, as well as an interactive map of your personalized tour, when it is completed. There’s also music on board! We have our own light-hearted playlists, but you are more than welcome to bring your own music playlist.

Our experienced, professionally trained and enthusiastic staff will assist you in every possible way, either by recommending the best meals’ choices, or even presenting to you a variety of available activities, everything well – suited to your interests and agenda.

For those who just want to relax and spend time with family and friends, chartering a rib boat with a professional skipper is an excellent choice. Our skippers are knowledgeable, completely certified, with all the essential professional qualifications, allowing you to explore all of the hotspots in safety and comfort.
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Snacks & Beverages

Eat like a local

We provide wholesome Greek meals that are freshly prepared each morning by Mykonos’ traditional grandmothers. We use locally grown items fresh from the field, reducing carbon emissions and our carbon impact. The meals are truly traditional, vegetarian, and designed to keep you energized so you can continue exploring the destinations. Sandwiches, classic fruit salads, and more are available on board. Drink a bottle of wonderful Greek wine or a cocktail to go with it! We support our local communities and suppliers that offer us with the best tasting food by following our farm-to-boat concept. If you follow a specific diet, or you have any food allergies let us know and we will provide custom snacks for you!

Included: Variety of snacks, one bottle of Greek wine and beers per person.


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Aside from the services already mentioned, there are still more that we can be of service to. Our expert team can handle any request you may have. Please feel free to contact us for mor details!